We're Nakiska (on the left) and Emilie (to the right, and take it back now ya'll) and we're the hosts of this blog.

Hi I'm Nakiska and I have a full-blown addiction to make-up, my lipstick collection in particular is getting out of hand! I would like to say I'm working on it, but I'm really not. Besides make-up I'm interested in healthy eating. I try to follow a plant-based diet, but I admit that I do have a cheat day every now and then.

Hi I'm Emilie and my guilty pleasure is skincare and make-up. I buy too many moisturizers, face washes and all of that good stuff (at least I think it is good). Most of the time we just buy things and never wonder about what's inside: the ingredients.

Here, on this blog, we will explore the world of beauty within and we will discuss what you want in your beauty routine and what you rather want to leave out. You will also find make-up reviews, cooking recipies and all of that good stuff.

We hope you enjoy our blog,

Lots of love

Nakiska & Emilie