Review ⎸Mario Badescu drying lotion

This little bottle, the drying lotion by Mario Badescu, is my savior whenever I have a break out. This product has quickly become one of my holy grail products for spot treatment. Want to know more? Keep on reading ;).

I had a good look at the cosmetic ingredients and saw that there are three main working ingredients: salicylic acid, sulfur and calamine.

Salicylic acid helps to break down the upper layer of the skin (it's a keratolytic) so it will help open up your clogged pores.
Sulfur has an antibacterial/(antifungal) and keratolytic activity. Since pimples and bacteria go hand in hand, sulfur has been proven to help a lot if you have acne vulgaris (or a pimple here or there). 
Calamine is mainly produced in the form of a powder which contains zinc oxide and ferric oxide.  Zinc oxide (used a lot in diaper creams) is a soothing agent and also forms a protective film.

Don't shake!

Don't shake!

Although it might seem tempting to shake the bottle, DON'T do it! The end of the cotton swab needs to reach the pink sediment and then you can pull it back up. After that you can put it directly on your blemish(es). It has a bad smell but the results make up for that ;). I use this overnight when I see that there's a pimple coming up. The lotion dries up really fast, so you don't have to be afraid that you're sheets will get dirty (maybe a little spot here and there, nothing that the washing machine can't handle).

This is what the cotton swab looks like after dipping into the lotion

This is what the cotton swab looks like after dipping into the lotion


I've had a lot of good results from this. You apply it when your go to bed and after you wake up from your beauty sleep, you rinse the excess of the lotion off of your face and you're good to go. I noticed that the pimples either got smaller and dissapeared or they became really ready to push out (I know you shouldn't). This bottle costs about 17 euros and is worth every penny! We (Nakiska and I bought it at the same time) bought it online at beautybay.

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