5 benefits of Aloe Vera

The plant Aloe Vera has been used in skin care for many decades and there's a reason why. Today I'm gonna list for you five benefits of Aloe Vera and give you a review on two products from De Tuinen that contain Aloe barbadensis leaf juice.

Intensief nachtcrème (intensive night cream) by De Tuinen

Intensief nachtcrème (intensive night cream) by De Tuinen

Aloe Vera is known to be good for dry skin (which I do have on some areas on my face, especially in the winter). Always test for allergies my dear readers (definitely check this out if you are allergic to plants from the Liliaceae family).

1) Moisturizing and anti-ageing effect

Since there are a lot of mucopolysaccharides in Aloe Vera and they are known to bind water, they help to add moisture into the skin. Certain compounds of Aloe Vera (see 5) will activate the fibroblast to make collagen, so your skin will be/get less wrinkled. When we get older, our collagen production naturally reduces and it becomes more cross linked, thus causing wrinkles.

2) Antiseptic effect

Aloe Vera has some antiseptic agents such as sulfur and salicylic acid. They work antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Kathleen Lights spoke of using Aloe Vera when she had a massive break out (she thought maybe it was due to Malassezia folliculitis, a yeast). She used juices of the plant itself and noticed her acne/Malassezia had gone way down. For those of you who think they suffer from Malassezia or acne (which goes hand in hand with bacteria), maybe you can give this a try!

3) Anti-inflammatory

Aloe Vera helps to calm down irritated skin. It has bradykinase activity (so it breaks down bradykinin which causes pain if you have an inflammation). It also inhibits the COX pathway (a pathway that eventually forms prostaglandin, which gives inflammatory reactions).

4) Healing properties

Aloe Vera has been used to help burn patients to fasten the process of healing. It's also used to heal your skin when you have a sunburn. Some compounds in Aloe Vera (such as glucomannan and gibberellin) trigger the fibroblast (cells in our body) to make collagen. So there's an accelerated wound contraction, which means the wound will close up more rapidly.

5) Reduces damage due to UV radiation

Aloe Vera contains vitamin E (see a full blogpost on this here) and other antioxidants. This will scavenge free radicals that form due to sun exposure.


Enough chitchat about scientific stuff, now I will give you a review on a few products I used containing Aloe Vera.

The night cream (and the eye serum) contain Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

The night cream (and the eye serum) contain Aloe barbadensis leaf juice

I bought an intensive night creme that nourishes and restores the skin and an eye serum that is suppose to be hydrating. They are both with Aloe barbadensis leaf juice from the company De Tuinen.

The cream is white and has quite a thick consistency. I really like this when my skin is dry (winter is coming in Belgium). You use this at night on the areas of your face that need more moisturization (or you can drench your whole face in it if you have Sahara dry skin :p). It sinks in quite well after application but holy moley, does it smell (I'm quite sensitive to scents, either I like it or I really dislike it). The plant itself also has a very strong scent so I guess you just have to deal with it.

This cream really works wonders on the skin, your skin will look more plump and healthy in the morning. However, it's not something I would put on my face during the day, because of the scent and the fact that it is a little bit too greasy. I bought this at Holland & Barrett for only €9.39.

Oogserum (eye serum) by De Tuinen

Oogserum (eye serum) by De Tuinen

Eye serum

Eye serum

The eye serum is not something I really enjoyed using. It's too runny - I know I know, it's a serum - to begin with so smearing this on your eyeballs is not that easy. The scent of this puts me off (as does the cream, but that one works, so I can look past it) and after using this for quite some time, I still don't notice a difference in my under-eye area. It has a pump which is a good thing (probably because it's sooooo runny) and the price tag of this is only €12.58 which is not that expensive for an eye cream. I bought these two together on a sale and ended up paying only the most expensive item (they always have a sale going on in Holland & Barrett, so if you have one near you, go check it out)

If you have dry skin, I do recommend to try products with Aloe Vera, it is definitely a botanical wonder ;).

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Talk to you soon,


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