Natural crystal deodorant

A few months ago I made the change from normal deodorant to natural crystal deodorant. But what is natural deodorant and why would you use it instead of your regular deodorant?

First of all, let's talk a bit about the normal deodorant that most people use. 
A lot of the most commonly used deodorants (and antiperspirants) contain aluminium chlorohydrate, which is known to be a systemic toxicant in high doses. The substance itself has also been associated with an increased risk of breast cancer and Alzheimer's disease. Now, I don't mean to scare you! A lot of research has been done over the past years and there has been no proof that the use products such as deodorants or antiperspirants, that contain aluminium chlorohydrate, actually increase the risk of developing breast cancer of Alzheimer's disease, so DO NOT PANIC! However, it does seem quite obvious to me that the use of these deodorants can't be the best option for you, so when I learned all this I started the search for a good alternative and that's when I found out about natural crystal deodorants.

Natural crystal deodorants are actually just mineral salts (Potassium alum). You can get them in spray form (where the crystals are solved in water) or you can get them in stick form (the one I have) or you can even use a rough crystal. 
The way these deodorants work is as follows. You wet the crystal with some water and the rub this under your arm (or whatever other place on your body you don't want to smell). The water together with the mineral salts create a sort of film on your skin that prevents the grow of odor-causing bacteria. Under normal circumstances these bacteria eat your sweat (which actually does not have a smell on its own), digest it and excrete waste, which causes the smell that we associate with sweat. When these bacteria are no longer able to grow, they are no longer able to produce the smell we associate with sweat.
Now, it is important to note that these natural crystal deodorants are not antiperspirants, they will not stop you from sweating, they only stop you from smelling. However, as I have been using this for a couple of months now, I have noticed that I have started sweating a little less.
Unfortunately there is one downside to using natural crystal deodorants. As I have already mentioned, you need to wet the crystal and rub the water under your arm, which can cause some messy situations. In the past I have had to chance clothes because I spilled water on them, put my clothes on to soon which caused pitstains (without me actually sweating),... But to be honest, this is a pretty easy problem to solve. You can put on the deodorant right after getting out of the bath of shower, you can just wait to put on your clothes for a minute or, and this is the thing I do most days, instead of holding the crystal under the tap you can just fill a glass of water and dip you crystal in this. This way it's easy to control the amount of water you have on the crystal so you don't drip on you clothes. 

Overall, I am very happy about my natural crystal deodorants. I have tried several different ones over the months and although I did like some of them a little bit more than others (because of the shape of the stick or because of the packaging), I really didn't dislike any of them. I really don't smell anymore, which baffled me at first (I even told my dad that I thought black magic was involved, hihi), I have started sweating a little less and I feel better knowing that I'm not using any harsh chemicals on my armpits anymore. I think it is safe to say I don't see myself going back to my old deodorants anymore.  

I hope this has been helpful to any of you who have been searching for a healthier alternative to the regular deodorants or you were just interested to know a little more about natural deodorants. Whatever the case may be, I hope you enjoyed this post.

I'll talk to you soon,



Places to get a natural crystal deodorant:
Your local health store
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