Does it work? Reviving your dried up mascara | Beauty hack

Today I'm testing out a beauty hack: reviving your dried up mascara with contact lens fluid. I'm also trying something I thought of myself. Curious? Just keep on reading ;).

If your mascara is simply too old (something like over 6 months) it's better to throw it out than to try this (we don't want to get an eye infection here).

The things you need are

  • hot water
  • contact lens fluid
  • your (favourite) dried up mascara
  • for the second hack: castor oil

First hack

First put your mascara in a bowl of hot water (not boiling water, we don't want the plastic to melt down). After about 5 minutes or so you can add a few drops of the contact lens fluid. The reason why we don't use water is because we want something that's gentle on the eyes and generally contact lens fluid is just that (obviously). I just bought the cheapest lens fluid I could find (it was a small bottle of €1). After putting some drops in the mascara, you go up and down with the mascara wand untill the consistency seems right (the right amount of drops depends if you like a more wet or dry formula).

I tried this with one of my mascara tubes (Roller Lash by Benefit, not my absolute favourite because the wand pokes my eye everytime, but the formula is great). The result was amazing (see below).

Left: before the hack, right: after the hack.

Left: before the hack, right: after the hack.

Second hack

There's so much to do around castor oil in the world of Youtube and blogging. It is supposed to be an oil that stimulates hair growth and a lot of Youtubers/bloggers use this mostly at night to promote lengthening of the eyelashes/eyebrows. I haven't found any scientific articles that actually proof this, but a lot of people claim this really works.

I wondered, if this trick worked with contact fluid, why shouldn't it work with castor oil. Just repeat the process but instead of putting only contact fluid, put some castor oil in it and a few drops of contact lens fluid. I tried this trick with an even older mascara (yet the same formula) and it worked great! I applied both of the revived mascaras on my eyes and the second one actually gave more volume to my lashes, maybe it's just me and I'm going crazy due to too much studying ;), or maybe this is actually a thing...


Other purposes for your dried up mascara

  • So if you have a dried up mascara wand, just trow away the tube, keep the wand and clean it. Buy some castor oil, dip the wand in the oil and use it like you would put on mascara at night (you can also put the oil on your eyebrows). I'll keep u guys posted if this actually worked out for me! I have been trying this for 3 days now but haven't noticed a huge difference. Within a few weeks I will update this post. First try it out before you put this all over your eyeballs, you never know how you react to this.
  • Clean the mascara wand and use it for combing your eye brows in place before you draw them in ;)
  • You can use a clean mascara wand if you went a little bit crazy with your mascara and your eyelashes stick together. Just go trough it with the clean mascara wand and tadaaaaa, no more crazy eyelashes!


Hope you found this post helpful,

Lots of love