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Having troubles with blue undereye cirlces, red cheeks or dull skin and want to do something about it just with makeup? The answer to your problem is color correcting and concealing.


Color correcting has been a 'thing' for quite some time now and for good reason. If you use it on the right spots it will do wonders to your skintone.

Actually the color wheel explains it all since the opposite colors of the wheel cancel each other out.

This color wil correct blue spots, for example your undereye circles. If you have a lighter skintone, use a peachy or salmon corrector to hide your undereye circles. More orangey colors are used to correct blue tones for people with dark(er) skin. If your undereye circles are more purple you should use the yellow corrector or a combination of a salmon shade and yellow one.
You can of course use this color on other spots that have more bluetone discolorations, there are no limits ;).

Yellow will cancel out purple spots such as more purple undereye circles, certain veins (maybe the ones on your eyelid), a bruise,...

Green stands on the opposite side of red in the color wheel so a green corrector is perfect for people who have a lot of redness in their skin. People with rosacea will benefit a lot from this. It is also perfect to use green on acne scarring (most of the time these are red marks). If you have have redness all over your face, I suggest you use a green primer instead of spot correcting everywhere.

Purple is perfect to brighten your face if you have a lot of yellow undertones in your skin. Personally, I don't have a lot of yellow spots on my skin so I don't reach for this one that often.


Today I'm gonna talk to you about the Total Cover Pro Color Correcting and Total Cover Pro Concealing & Contour palette by L'Oréal Paris.

I have been using this non stop and that's because I love the salmon shade in the corrector palette. Now and then I have used the green shade to cover up my rosy cheeks and the yellow shade to cover up the veins on my eyelids.

With the corrector on my left eye

With the corrector on my left eye

With corrector and concealer on my left eye

With corrector and concealer on my left eye

To hide my undereye circles I first use the peachy corrector. After blending it out, I use the lightest concealer shade in the concealer palette to use on top of it. I use my fingers or my dampened beauty sponge to blend everything together.
Never forget to use foundation/concealer on top of your color correcting because you don't want to look like a color wheel yourself ^^.

I haven't been playing around with the purple corrector that much since I don't have a lot of yellow discoloration on my face/skin. I don't reach for the darker concealers in this palette but maybe this summer I will. I tried contouring with the 'darkest' shade in the concealer & contouring palette but it is just to orange for my liking (I will use it this summer and let you know it if works better). 

Overall I have been using these palettes a lot. The consistency of the product inside the palette is very creamy and everything blends like a dream. The concealer provides good coverage so it is perfect to cover up a pimple and hide the I-didn't-get-no-sleep-bags. 

Little tip: don't use a color corrector if you don't need it, it is just another layer and we don't want to look cakey do we ;)?

You can buy these palettes for around €19.99 euro in Belgium (the packaging is a bit different).

Hope you liked this post.

Lots of love,